Your membership helps us maintain important training of our Western Colorado Law Enforcement Officers, network our local resources, and show recognition to those who serve. To register a new membership or renew a current membership, select a membership below and you will be directed to checkout.

Individual membership registration is open from January 1st through April 1st. After April 1st you can register for events through the Conferences and Events page. When you register for an individual training you will be granted WCPOA membership for the remainder of the calendar year.

To see if your agency has purchased a membership please Contact Us.

New Membership

  • 1 year membership
  • Free trainings/events
  • Network with WCPOA Members

Bronze Agency

  • Agency Size: 0-49 employees
  • Reserves: 7 spots per training/conference
  • Yearly Membership

Silver Agency

  • Agency Size: 50-99 employees
  • Reserves: 15 spots per training/conference
  • Yearly Membership


  • Agency Size: 100+ employees
  • Reserves: 30 spots per training/conference
  • Yearly Membership

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