Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial

Nationally each year, on average, 148 men and women who choose to pin on a badge and become the thin blue line that exists between a safe society and anarchy die in the performance of their duties. In 1979, a Memorial was dedicated to those Colorado officers who died protecting the people of this great state. Located on the grounds of Camp George West in Golden, the Memorial serves as the official State of Colorado Law Enforcement Officer Memorial and a reminder of the dedication and sacrifice given by Colorado’s law enforcement. However, despite being the State Memorial, it is not state property and no state funds are used to maintain or improve it.

The Memorial was the work of a small group of people in the late 70’s who cared enough to make a difference in their community. Built with limited funds and a combination of donated labor and materials, the original Memorial was little more than a single stone with a pathway leading to it. Thirty-six years later the Memorial still stands as a place to honor Colorado’s fallen heroes.

The Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial Committee’s charge is to care for and maintain the Memorial, along with approving the addition of names to the stone. The current Memorial Committee has taken on the challenge to begin a multi-phase project designed to improve the Memorial and ultimately better honor the sacrifice of those whose names grace the stone.

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