Section A– The name of this Association shall be THE WESTERN COLORADO PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

Section B– The object and exempt purpose(s) of this Association is to provide further education to law enforcement officers and support staff, to bring together people who are interested in the advancement of law enforcement for an interchange of thoughts and information and for such other purposes as a majority of the members shall designate for their mutual benefits.


Section A – Definition – The term “Peace Officer” shall mean any resident of the State of Colorado who is a full-time Peace Officer as defined under Colorado Revised Statute 1973, 18-1-901 (3-L).  This section shall also include special agents of railroad companies, district attorneys, dispatchers, federal agents, fire department investigators, support staff of the above listed agencies whose primary responsibility is the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws.

Section B(1) – Active Membership– Any person holding a position as defined in Section A shall be eligible for active membership in this association and upon making application in writing and payment of the prescribed dues and fees, may become a member of this Association.

Section C – Honorary Membership– An honorary membership in this Association may be granted to any citizen of the United States in recognition of his service to and in support of law enforcement by a majority vote of those present at any regular meeting of the Association.  Such membership shall not entitle the holder to hold an elective office, to vote, or to share in any benefits provided for an active member in the Association.

Section D – Business Sponsor– A business sponsorship will be available to any legal business which contributes $100 and above annually to the Association.  This sponsorship is non-voting, and offers the community a means of supporting all law enforcement on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Section E – Personal Sponsor– A personal sponsorship will be available to any person who contributes $100 and above annually to the Association.  This sponsorship is non-voting, and offers individuals a means of supporting all law enforcement on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Section F – The Executive Board or their designees shall review all new applicants to determine if criteria in Section A, B, and C are met before the applicant is approved.

Section G– Any member who is honorably retired from his law enforcement position by reason of service or disability shall be entitled to retain his active membership after retirement, provided he meets all other membership requirements, otherwise, with the approval of the membership he may be granted an honorary membership.

Section H– Membership in this Association, except honorary membership, shall cease to exist immediately upon a member’s resignation or termination from law enforcement before retirement or when he establishes his residence in another state.

Section I– Membership may be suspended or revoked for cause by a majority vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting.

Section J– Only active and associate members in good standing shall be eligible to share in any benefits provided by the Association.

Section K – Lifetime Membership– Lifetime membership is granted to any person who was a Charter Member of this organization when it was originally formed (Charter Member).  Lifetime membership in the applicable category is granted to any person who has paid annual dues as a member of this organization for twenty (20) – not necessarily consecutive – years.  Lifetime members need not pay dues but will be entitled to the same rights and benefits they enjoyed as either an active or associate member.

Section L – Scholarships– Scholarships for the Spring and Fall Conference will be awarded through a lottery.  Scholarship application will be mailed to all Western Slope Law Enforcement Offices and scholarships will cover conference fees and rooms.

Section M- Board members exemption– All Executive Board and Committee Heads will have conference registration fee waived, however all other costs including membership renewal, banquet and motel fees will be paid by the member.


Section A– An applicant for active or associate membership in this Association shall pay a membership fee of five dollars ($5) and the annual dues for one year.  Thereafter, the annual dues for an active or associate member shall be fifteen dollars ($15).  Honorary members and lifetime members shall pay no dues.

Section B– The due date for annual dues shall be the date of the annual meeting of the Association.  Any member failing to remit his/her annual dues by May 31st of each year shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership in the Association.

Section C– This corporation is declared to be a non-profit corporation and no part of its net earnings shall be used for the benefit of any private shareholder or individual member.  Gifts given in the name of and for the benefit of the Association may be accepted only when approved by a vote of the membership.

Section D– On each even year, the President shall cause an audit of the organization’s finances to be conducted and report the findings to the membership at the next annual meeting.  The Executive Board shall have the power to order and conduct a financial audit at any time it is deemed necessary.

Section E– A conference fee of up to $100 for each member attending any conference may be assessed upon recommendation of the Program Committee.  Such conference fees may be used for any Association business in accordance with these By-Laws.

Section F– Upon dissolution of the Association, any and all remaining assets shall be used exclusively for exempt purposes and donated to the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial or like Organization.


Section A – The officers of this Association shall be:


1.    President – The person elected shall hold office for one year and, only under emergency exception approved by the executive board and affirmative simple majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting, shall that person be eligible to succeed himself.

2.    First Vice-President

3.    Second Vice-President


1.    Executive Secretary

2.    Secretary

3.    Treasurer

The appointed officers shall be appointed by the in-coming President at the Annual Meeting.

Section B– The elected officers of this Association whose term of office shall be for one year, shall be elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting and any active member, in good standing, will be eligible to hold office.

Section C– The officers of this Association, as named in Section A hereof, and the immediate Past President, shall constitute the Executive Board of this Association.


Section A– The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and of the Association.  He shall appoint any committee necessary to assist in conducting the affairs of the Association.

Section B– The First Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability to act and he shall be a member of committees appointed.

Section C– The Second Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability to act of both the President and First Vice-President and he shall be a member of any committee appointed.

Section D– The Executive Secretary shall, with the approval of the President, determine the date and site of each regular meeting of the Association in accordance with Article IV, Section A of this Constitution and shall perform such other duties as requested by the President.  The Executive Secretary shall be in charge of contacting agencies and trying to solicit membership.

Section E– The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Association and its Executive Board.

Section F– The Treasurer shall receive and account for all monies coming to the Association and shall give notice of all regular and special meetings of the membership.

Section G – The Executive Board shall have the power to carry on the business of the Association when the membership is not in session in regular or special meetings.

Section H– The Executive Board shall have the power to engage any person or persons, preferable from among the membership, to attend such conferences and meetings, including sessions of Legislature of the State of Colorado, for the purpose of keeping the members informed of matters affecting the Association or its members and they may compensate such person or persons for actual expenses from the fund of the Association for their performance of these duties.

Section I– The Executive Board shall have the power to remove any member from the Association who has been convicted of malfeasance in office or of conduct unbecoming a member of the Association, provided, however, that said member shall have the right to demand a hearing before the Association at a regular meeting.

Section J – The Executive Board shall have the power to remove any members from the Association to provide advice and counsel concerning legal affairs, legislative issues, and such other matters as the Executive Board and Legal Advisor agree are appropriate.

Section K– The Executive Board shall comprise the Program Committee with the President as chairperson, to formulate plans, programming and training for all regular meetings of the Association.  The President may enlist the assistance of any member of the Association in the performance of this function.  The Executive Board shall meet a minimum of two times prior to each meeting for planning purposes.

Section L– In the event that an elected officer resigns during his/her term, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement.  An election will be held at the next meeting to fill the position.


Section A – The Association shall meet semi-annually and the first meeting of each calendar year shall be the Annual Meeting.

Section B– Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the President for the purpose of conducting any business of the Association that needs to be cared for between regular meetings.  Such meetings shall be called by giving ten (10) days notice in writing of such meetings.

Section C– A general membership meeting which consists of fifteen (15) members representing not less than five (5) separate law enforcement agencies shall constitute a quorum for the transacting of business.  The quorum of not less than fifteen (15) members shall represent more than one county.

Section D– A general membership meeting may be called by a petition containing ten (10) percent of the active membership signatures.  This petition shall contain the meeting place, the meeting time, and the nature of the meeting.

Section E– The business of all meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order and there shall be no proxy vote upon any issue.

Section F – Dissolution of W.C.P.O.A.:  Upon approval of dissolution by action of the Executive Board and simple majority vote of the membership, all outstanding debts shall be paid in whole and all remaining assets will be distributed to the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial. The board first must adopt the proposal of dissolve, establish a plan of dissolution and then submit it to the members by written notice for approval.  Upon approval all required forms shall be submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State and the IRS for tax exempt purposes. 


Section A– The certificate of Incorporation and this Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by an affirmative simple majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the Association, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been given to all the members at least two weeks prior to the meeting.  Providing, however, that if two-thirds (2/3) of the members are present at any regular meeting, the Certificate of Incorporation of this Constitution and By-Laws may be amended upon a motion from the floor by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of those present.

Revised: May 2015