• Board Meeting Minutes
  • 09/26/2018

    Western Colorado Peace Officers Association – Board Meeting

    09-26-2018 0800- State Liquor Office

    Attending: Collin Reese, Rachelle Redmond, Brian Turner & Lisa Maestas                                                Absent: Vernon Knuckles, Tyer Tobias & Susan Skyberg

    October Training – Oct 17th & 18th Montrose

    • Static Vehicle Operations training, to date there are six registrations. Costs will be reimbursed for the instructor’s travel, car towing, and other expenses by WCPOA. Receipts required for reimbursement. Rachelle & Lisa will attend in the morning to provide information about WCPOA, recruitment for board members. Rachelle & Lisa will bring water, Gatorade for the day; will provide light snacks for the range. Rachelle will contact local restaurant’s in Montrose to have lunch catered to the range (suggested Jimmy John’s).

     Fall Conference

    • Too late for conference planning at this point, suggested looking ahead to 2019 start planning. Suggested board all bring back one idea to next meeting about possible training topic. We do not have to hold a fall business meeting per the by-laws.

     Spring Conference

    • Need to start planning Spring Conference. L. Maestas brought up the following course that the association received information on.
      • civilian response to active shooter program that includes identifying risk factors, run-hide-fight protocols, and hands-on scenarios to barricade and fight. We have developed it as a train the trainer program to get as many people on our school district on board
    • Reese asked if this is a Run, Hide, Fight curriculum, which would allow civilian employees to take part. If this course of instruction is decided on it was discussed whether the new range in Cameo would be a good venue for the conference location. L. Maestas will email the instructor and find out more details about the training. Looking at hosting the conference in April.
    • At the spring conference there will be two board positions that need filled (2nd vice presdent and 1st vice president). Recruitment was discussed by the board. R. Redmond advised we could ask the webmaster to put together a recruitment page for the website.   L. Maestas brought up WCPOA hosting a luncheon and inviting department admin to discuss WCPOA and the benefits of the organization. C. Reese suggested attending ALI and SWLEG to promote the association/recruit at those meetings. C. Reese and R. Redmond will contact the point persons for these meetings and see if board members can attend the next meetings.
    • Award recipients for the Spring also need to start being determined

    Other Training Suggestions for 2019:

                It was discussed by the board that we need to get some trainings scheduled for 2019, below are potential one day training topics.

    • Courtroom Testimony – R. Redmond advised the MED division is possibly interested in hosting this class, more for the admin hearing side. B. Turner stated he would talk to the AG’s office at his next meeting to bring it up. The board discussed hosting the criminal Courtroom Testimony training in the summer of 2019, as this is one of the most attended classes.
    • COVA – Human Trafficking / Vicarious Trauma – R. Redmond will follow up on this.
    • Emotional Intelligence – R. Redmond will follow up on this
    • Financial Planning – C. Reese advised they have some people in the CBI Denver office that could possibly instruct, will follow up.
    • Reese suggested looking to Aurora/Denver PD’s specialized units to look for trainers (ex. Denver Swat).

     Other Business:

    • New Website – Bailey has updated entire sight
    • To Include: Updating board member information, updating history, replace board member place holders with portrait or department
      emblems, load the upcoming conference and training information, fix Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial Brochure Button: URL not found, format desktop header photos, update broken URL links, run Wordpress and plugin updates, run file and database backups, replace blog with social media integration
    • Bailey is currently working on: Member database: allow member registration to cross reference membership database, backups: allows routine backups of database and files automatically, social media: allows the website to pull posts from Facebook and display automatically, card reader for registration at conferences: allow new members to pay with a card during registration, automation of renewal payments for membership. Managing social media post approval, posting news, events and other information to social media
    • Maestas requested that the web page be updated to reflect the webmaster to Verofly

    Meeting was adjourned at 0905

    Next Meeting: October 25th, 0800

  • 10/26/2018

    Western Colorado Peace Officers Association – Board Meeting

    10-26-18 @0815 - CBI

    Attending: Collin Reese - President, Rachelle Redmond – Immediate Past President, Susan Skyberg, Brian Turner – By-laws and Lisa Maestas – Secretary/Treasurer

    Absent: Vern Knuckles – 1st Vice President, Tyler Tobias – Executive Secretary

    October Training - Static Vehicle Operations

    • Reported a total of 12 attendee’s, the cost of the training is still TBD, waiting on instructor invoices for fee’s, information will be sent to board upon final determination. The instructors will send out a survey to the class, L. Maestas will send the roster emails to the instructors. R. Redmond will get photos from the training to post on website.

    Spring Conference

    • Conference Topic
      • Civilian response to active shooter program that includes identifying risk factors, run-hide-fight protocols, and hands-on scenarios to barricade and fight. We have developed it as a train the trainer program to get as many people on our school district on board. L. Maestas will follow up with instructor.
    • Conference Location – National Guard Building was suggested. L. Maestas will contact Lt. Col. Bratt for contact info for the building.
    • Conference Dates – TBD by instructor availability
    • Conference Costs – Free to current members - $50 for non-members
    • Board Member recommendations, committee member L. Hood is speaking with several individuals on interest in board participation.
    • Redmond will try to get the ALI meeting scheduled for January hosted by WCPOA in January.
    • Awards – Need to start thinking of potential candidates
    • Suggested an add-on to the training for Soft Skills for civilians (no hands on, C. Reese/B. Turner could instruct).

    Other Training Suggestions for 2019:

    Suggested that some dates/locations be set for upcoming trainings to be sent out with the President’s letter in January 2019.

    • Courtroom Testimony – looking at May of 2019, held in Vail, CO. B. Turner will contact the local clerk to set up training location, and will also contact defense attorney/judge. L. Maestas will contact DA from Eagle County to check interest in participating. R. Redmond will contact Mt. Village municipal judge as well.
    • COVA – Human Trafficking / Vicarious Trauma – R. Redmond will follow-up
    • Emotional Intelligence – R. Redmond will follow-up
    • Financial Planning – C. Reese will follow-up

     Other Business:

    • President’s letter - would like to have completed by December to have ready to send out with renewal letters in January.
    • Renewal Letter – Will send email and hard copies, this letter will announce the future renewals will be automated and paper copies will no longer be received/payment will occur online. Use 2019 as a testing trial for the process.
    • Working on membership to be on website – site will be down temporarily to implement this.
    • Automated renewal – will start fully in 2020
    • Ideas for membership drive
      • Suggested to start “friending” other law enforcement agencies on the social media site.
    • Glen Sherman’s 90th Birthday is Dec 1, suggested to send flowers and coordinate a FaceTime video, or record a video that can be sent to Glen.
    • Former MCSO Undersheriff Rusty Callow passed away on Oct. 18, the association will send flowers to the family.

    Meeting was adjourned at 0900

    Next Meeting: November 29th, 1530